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Lit: FILD and the CMS Group

Posted on January 29 2018

Founded in 2006 byAlexander Gorlov, the CMS Group (Creative Marketing Solutions Group) is the largest advertising holding company in Ukraine, providing a full range of advertising services. The company held a vision of a constructive and convenient working place for the company founders and employees.  This vision reflects the spirit and values of CMS Group. When it came to designing their headquarters, it seemed natural that they should turn to FILD. The CMS Group believes that advertisement is rather a craft than an art. The goal was to create a space for this crafting - a workshop for advertisement instead of a traditional office space. Following the concept of “advertising workshop” interior design making, FILD abandoned the traditional perception of an office space. In fact, the project mainly consists of specially selected designed decorative elements that maintain the constructive and functional purpose. FILD's basic idea was to create a widely open, spacious, light interior environment. The colour palette of the furniture is accented and monochromic. The walls, the floor, all the engineering nets on the ceiling, and the decorative steel grid were all painted in one light grey colour. The smooth curvy lines and soft fabrics of the Scandinavian style furniture chosen also follows the main colour palate of the interior: dark navy blue, pastel blue and light grey. FILD designer, Dan Vakhrameyev, maximised the space using glass partitions to emphasise the area of the location. The layout includes the cabinets of the managing partners, large and small meeting rooms, a reception, a cosy waiting area, separated cabinets for employees, a  kitchen, a server room, and 3 WCs. To emphasise upon simplicity, and embody the nature of the “advertising workshop” concept the space strives to be, FILD positioned gas-concrete blocks, unpolished and exposed, bringing further attention to the unusual pattern of the bricks, the layout, and the working nature of the setting.