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Lit: FILD's Sayya fashion branding

Posted on February 05 2018

With their identity built around the colours ash grey and dimmed yellow, FILD is a lighting brand with a personality that is unmistakably their own. While maintaining their successful development, the studio keeps working on bringing new ideas to life, creating interior projects and looking forward to new partnerships and collaborations. FILD Lighting is built on the principles of clean minimalist lines and shapes of objects in graphic and interior design. Their perception is based on design laconism, application convenience, and pleasant textures, all of which interplay to create products purpose crafted to suit their customers and clients. Working with a variety of color palettes and geometrical shapes, FILD presents endless possibilities for combinations and unlimited creativity. What you seek, they strive to create, with an identity that cannot be forced or faulted. The Ukrainian fashion brand Sayya was born out of the mind of Lyuba Makarenko. Playing with a contrast of textures and colours, experimenting with shapes and emotion in their clothes, this is a brand that is as distinctive as they are esteemed. For characteristic silhouettes with a perfect fit, for natural fabrics with a unique design, for models unlike any other, these are the main principles of Sayya's work, making the brand one more characteristic than any other. For over three years of existence, Sayya's design studio has presented more than five different successful collections, one of which debuted at the Ukrainian Fashion week. Admired and alive with passion and ideas, FILD was the perfect partner for Sayya to work with to create a brand identity as characteristic as their designs themselves. Sayya's logo, emblem, label, business card, envelope, and brand book were all designed by FILD.