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Lit: FILD studio apartment

Posted on December 20 2017

With their identity built around the colours ash grey and dimmed yellow, FILD Lighting is a brand with a personality that is unmistakably their own. While maintaining their successful development, the studio keeps working on bringing new ideas to life, creating interior projects and looking forward to new partnerships and collaborations. One of their most iconic projects is their characteristic studio apartment. Initially a two-room apartment in a pre-revolutionary building erected in 1917, total redevelopment of the premises and repair took 4 months. All the walls in the apartment were broken and rebuilt anew. After the redevelopment it was made into a studio with an open kitchen, separated dressing room, and bathroom - the floor, walls, and ceiling of which completely overlap. On one of the walls partly opens up the brickwork to keep the spirit of the house's history. The centre of this wall is decorated with a black square, hanging on canvas for the projector. The rest of the walls are painted in a soft ivory colour. The dressing room is compact while still being amply sized enough to hold open shelves for clothes and shoes. In the interior furniture is made using plywood, both the shelves in the walk in closet and the cupboard at the entrance. In the kitchen a massive chimney takes pride of place. Particular attention has been paid to lighting. Different designs have been installed so as to be able to offer the optimum lighting to optimum settings. Separate zones of the apartments, for example, the work area in the kitchen or the podium, can be dimmed or brightened as suits the area's use.