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Lit: FILD's Podolyan store project

Posted on December 20 2017

FILD Lighting collaborated with fashion designer Podolyan started with the logo design and total rebranding of the company in 2014. With a successful collaboration already established, the next step for the two companies was obvious: working together on the monobrand store opening in the heart of Kiev. The space provided by the client was limited by its commercial area of 36sq.m, but the advantage of the pre-revolution building with high ceilings was its big arch show window, entirely characteristic of the space. “Consequently, to emphasise the spaciousness of the place, we decide decided to produce lightly sophisticated and exquisite furniture and to keep the show window as transparent as possible for a good view from the street," designer Dan Vakhrameyev describes. "In other words, the idea was to make the interior of the store a part of the window display itself to draw attention of potential clients." The color pallet of the place corresponds to the Podolyan brand: black with light and dark shades of grey. The advantage of a big show window and detailed lighting arrangement gave FILD an opportunity to design the interior in dark shades, combining a variety of textures. All furniture pieces, decorative elements, and door handles were customised and designed by Dan Vakhrameyev according to his layouts. The minimalistic and subtle lines of the delicate furniture were created to contrast with the dark interior mood and thin metal contours of the furniture units painted in light grey. The structure of the racks consists of continuous lines which cross at the foundation, reflecting the geometrical pattern of the floor tile. This rack design reflects the geometrical arrangement of the floor tile. Multi functional metal rack grids were placed on the walls so as to create clothing and accessories compositions. A set of upholstered seats and a concrete table top were situated in the middle to accentuate the centrepiece of the room. 36 Edison bulbs are floating in the air above the furniture unit, creating a cozy atmosphere. The rest of the lamps are located in the display window, following its shape and illuminating the interior with a soft warm light. The brand clothes on the racks are illuminated by 12 lamps from latest FILD objects design collection - code name SO6. The facade and show window of the store are decorated with a brand logo with inner illumination. The lines created by the entrance steps reflect the arch of the display window. Steps were made of black concrete and decorated with stainless matt profile, along with rails of unusual contour shape to complete the design.