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Lit: Flos' Making Of Architectural Lighting

Posted on April 20 2017

Since it was first founded fifty years ago, Flos Lighting have been ceaselessly pursuing their ambitions of “crafting objects of light and shedding brightness on generations of dreams.” One project that really showcases this passion, ingenuity, and talent the best is the Making Of Architectural Lighting.

Created in collaboration with young Swedish talent Carl Kleiner in Stockholm in February 2013, this project showcases the unique style and wonder of Flos Lighting's Architectural Lighting catalogue with an unparalleled vibrancy.

As bright as the products themselves, these pictures embody Flos Lighting's ethos in all of its splendour. Everything about them is created to highlight their contemporary nature, their cutting edge technologies, and their vivid sense of personality.

These are lights designed with flair, lights designed to be fun as much as they are designed to function. The Making Of Architectural Lighting project showcases that in all its wonder and class, giving the designs a new lease of life in their energetically framed presentation.

Carl Kleiner took an unusual approach for the project. He combines an unbridled imagination with a steely rigour. To do this, Kleiner created a series of surprising abstract compositions, in which lighting units (and other materials with striking colours) are aligned in perfect geometrical grids.

These images are modern and classy, just like they lighting designs they depict. They convey all of Flos' sense of wonder and of fun. They perfectly portray the passion, enthusiasm, and enjoyment that Flos place in every one of their designs as they manufacture them.