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Lit: Foscarini's Fare Luce

Posted on May 10 2017

Born in the beautiful glass workshops of Murano, just a short distance across the water from Venice, Foscarini Lighting is a brand with a personality unlike any other. Still located in Murano, a place known for its World Famous glass (which can be seen throughout Foscarini's modern and minimalist lighting ranges), the designs this brand create are as characteristic as they are creative, and as fun as they are functional.

Foscarini symbolises freedom, passion, and unconventionality. This is everything that Foscarini stand for. Within the workshops where creativity and technology are harmoniously intertwined, it is not just lamps but pure emotion that is created.

With a passion for difference, the brand have been famed for the concepts that define their products, their designs, and their promotion. The latest project to come from Foscarini is Fare Luce. Created in collaboration with Gianluca Vassallo, the project title translates as 'shedding light' - and this is exactly what the project aims to do. An installation, a series of short films, and a book, Fare Luce is an undertaking like no other.

The short films, created by Gianluca Vassalo, narrate the discovery of light through simple and everyday stories built around the theme of 'shedding light'. A book, edited by Beppe Finessi, tells these stories, portraying the importance and the naturalism of light in its function. An exhibition, created by Giovanni Maria Filindeu, guides visitors through several tones of light, playing with natural light, shadow, and our use of it all along the way.

The short films - each named after a different time, playing with the natural light and shadow of the hour - can be watched below.