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Lit: Foscarini's interactive shopping experience

Posted on June 02 2016

Choosing the perfect lighting design to suit your setting can prove to be quite the challenge. There are so many things to take into account. It's not just about finding a design you like. It is more about finding a design that fits. It's taking into account both the illumination of a location and the shadows cast by the design itself.


Visiting a lighting showroom, you can see the lights for yourself. This gives a real feel as to how the product will sit, or stand, in a room. You can look at how the lighting fixture looks. Furthermore, you can take in the play of light and shadow. You can experience it with your own senses. But how do you know how the light will suit your setting?

The Idea

Foscarini have the answer. The brand are famed for their contemporary designs and their cutting edge grip on technology. Now they have developed an app that allows the user to see how the designs look in their own location.

The Product

iFoscarini was designed for anyone with a passion for design. It's function is simple. It allows people to see how their rooms would look with the addition of the unmistakable personality of Foscarini designs.

The Execution

The app is optimised for iOS with a multi-touch screen system, and also available on android devices. It uses graphics of the highest quality to make the experience as useful and user friendly as possible. It's purpose is simple: to allow users to insert lamps into rooms from an archive or caught on camera. It's the perfect tool for assisting with the purchase of luxury lighting designs.