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Lit: Foscarini's Lights Are Everywhere

Posted on January 06 2017

Foscarini have always viewed their craft of designing and creating luxury lighting as an art. That's part of what makes them such an established name in the lighting industry, especially when it comes to contemporary designs and cutting edge technologies. Viewing their creativity as a craft, it's no surprise that the brand often involve themselves in art projects or creating installations.

The Art Of Foscarini

Designed with innate creativity and crafted with an ardent passion, these luxury designs are an art form. So it's only right the brand want them to be seen as such. The company represent themselves through such projects, thereby establishing their products as artisan.

Gianluca Vassallo

Gianluca Vassallo is an Italian artist based in Sardinia, and a recurring collaborator with Foscarini. Vassallo has been producing and composing for film, theatre, and dance companies for fifteen years. His work examines the social dimensions of art through photography, video, and installations.

One such project was Twice Light - a photography series that focused on one of the brand's most celebrated designs, Twiggy. Now Vassallo has once again focused on the company's products with a new project, Lights Are Everywhere.

Lights Are Everywhere

Filmed in New York in Autumn 2016, Lights Are Everywhere is a an audio-visual project that brings some of Foscarini's most innovative designs to life in a metropolitan setting. Focusing on the imagery and illumination of the products in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, the video (which you can stream below) draws attention to the poignancy of stillness and reflection. In doing so, it stunningly presents the designs in all their majesty.