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Lit: Foscarini's Reality Or Illusion?

Posted on December 07 2016

Foscarini Lighting are presenting a new installation with a distinctive twist. It is capable of altering the very way in which you view the world around you.


'Reality Or Illusion: Giants Is A State Of Mind' is a project by Ferruccio Laviani. It questions the very nature and fabric of what is real. "Everything is misleading," Foscarini describe of the art project on their website. Giant versions of iconic Foscarini Lighting products light up the installation. These instill a sense of wonder whilst giving visitors the disorientating feeling of growing and shrinking in size.


The focus of the installation is on Foscarini's new Giants lighting range. The designs stand in all their glory against a multicoloured backdrop of patterns. Looming over the location, their size emphasizes the sense of awe. The installation introduces visitors to the extra-large versions of some of Foscarini's most iconic designs. These include Big Bang, Spokes, and Twiggy. It allows visitors to experience their scaled up characteristics and personality in a truly unique setting.


“To create something from nothing is in itself an illusion; to give it volume, to make it physical, is an illusion,” Ferriccio Laviani explains of the project.  “This installation sets out to challenge our imagination to discover what is real and what is not,” he continues. “The objects on display become deceptive in terms of size and presence: what is reality and what is illusion?”


The exhibition has already achieved success at Milan Design Week. 'Reality Or Illusion: Giants Is A State Of Mind' will next appear in New York. It opens at Foscarini Space in Soho on the 14th May.