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Lit: human centric lighting in action

Posted on March 16 2018

When it comes to completing the perfect luxury lighting project, it's not just the setting you need to understand, but the people who frequent or make use of that setting. The new trend of human centric lighting puts people and their well being at the centre of any lighting project. Applications for biodynamic lighting are many and varied. Human centric lighting finds itself a comfortable dwelling everywhere ranging from private dwellings to offices, nursing facilities, care institutions, and beyond. There is a particular focus on lighting solutions for offices and the healthcare system, as it is here that the positive effects have the greatest impact. Human centric lighting is not only more natural, but healthier for individuals who frequent or use a setting. Equally exciting and relevant for these areas are cost-benefit analyses. Take the installation of human centric lighting to an office, as an example. The introduction of this luxury lighting solution offers the promise of better work outcomes, positively motivated staff and, at the end of the day, a reduction in down time due to illness, too, all of which add up to cost savings. Now let's take a look at a health service setting. The installation of human centric lighting holds the promise of, in certain circumstances, resulting in staff savings. Not only that, but with increased sense of well-being and consequent shortened healing periods for patients and those in care, human centric lighting can also enhance the image of the establishment as a whole. Human centric lighting can also be beneficial in industry settings, particularly when it comes to shift work, when the lighting required for individuals throughout the day might be significantly different from actual daylight and the rhythms of sunlight. Of course, the possibilities for human centric lighting don't end there. Whatever the setting, whatever the use, human centric lighting is just one example of how positive results can be obtained with the correct lighting effects.