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Lit: LEDS-C4's Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple

Posted on January 31 2018

Continuing to build from over forty years worth of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of luxury lighting solutions, LEDS-C4 is one of the most revered sources of contemporary luxury lighting around. Their mission is simple: to take light, an element resplendent in its own power, and use t=it to generate feelings and emotions. “There is no architecture without light,” they state on their company website. And sure enough, they’re right. The brand has created the lighting for the esteemed Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple in Nairobi. This project was carried out in partnership with Lighting Solutions LTD to deliver the perfect fusion of tradition and technology in a setting like no other. The Mandir is a temple: a place of worship and prayer for followers of Hinduism. In the case of Nairobi, the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir complex has become a key point of interest and wonder for thousands of locals and for those visiting the city in Kenya. The fusion of traditional Indian timber construction with modern technology attracts people from all walks of life to marvel at its impressive architecture and the art housed inside. Visitors experience the different aspects of Hindu rituals and rites, as well as the philosophical concepts at the heart of this religion. In keeping with their philosophy and in partnership with Lighting Solutions LTD, LEDS C4 has created the lighting for this Hindu temple. The various solutions used for both the interior and exterior have served to highlight the unique architectural components of this singular religious space. To achieve this, products that allow a heightened and dramatic lighting effect were chosen.