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Lit: Lladro's power in promotion

Posted on October 24 2016

An advertising campaign can be a form of art within itself. It can also be a hard thing to get right. Balancing the artistry of a product opposite the artistry of the advertising form is a difficult task. It's more difficult still whilst still serving the underlying purpose of promotion. There are so many advertising campaigns in existence. This means it can also be hard to make one stand out amidst the ever changing crowd. One company that excel in this is Lladro Lighting.

The Idea

As practical as it is informative, the campaign was used to advertise the latest range of chandeliers, lamps, and sconces. It did so with a series of interactive posters that themselves converted into working lampshades. Mounted in corners, a cut out shade acts as a diffuser sheltering a light source within. The campaign was all about placing potential in the commonplace. Through this Lladro Lighting showcased their ability to bring excitement and innovation to even the most everyday places and settings.

The Imagery

With the lampshades taking on dynamic geometric forms, the imagery invokes that of children's pop up books. This is representative of the character and imagination Lladro always build into every one of their designs. It's something the company have demonstrated through the appearance of people and creatures throughout their extensive ranges.

The Intention

These adverts are available in three different (and equally vibrant) colours. The campaign was all about presenting a brightness and warmth. This is something that Lladro have long been celebrated for creating through their porcelain products. These items diffuse light with a distinctive warmth. These items are also made available in bright colours in order to truly bring a setting to life.