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Lit: Masiero Drylight

Posted on October 17 2016

Masiero lighting products are at the forefront of the luxury lighting market. Their chandeliers are designed with prestige and and also with quality in mind, and crafted with the most intricate care. They bring an air of distinction to the settings they illuminate. These designs are among the most highly sought after when it comes to extravagance and brilliance.


There's a lot of esteem and prominence attached to this brand name. Indeed, Masiero Lighting products are associated with a level of opulence and grace. But the company create lights for all occasions. Take a look at the nightlife, for example. If you were to visit the coast of Italy, you'd find Lloyd's Baia Hotel. This establishment sees dreams come to life with a disco by the light of the Masiero Drylight.


Rocce Rosse - the beach club of Lloyd's Baia Hotel - is a point of reference for the nightlife in Salerno. Situated by the seaside, the disco is open every weekend. It offers themed nights and also hosts some of the most famous international DJs and house music superstars.


Hanging overhead in the resort setting, Masiero's Drylight is a potent presentation of everything Rocce Rosse strives to be. It invites visitors to "write a story in a disco with the light." The application fuses traditional design and sensibilities with modern culture and settings. This showcases Masiero Lighting at their most culturally relevant.