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Lit: Masiero’s Mobile Lighting Control

Posted on December 06 2016

Masiero are famed for their classic chandeliers, capable of flooding any setting with a sense of splendour. A lot of their designs are rooted firmly in tradition. The company continues to push forwards, ensuring their technologies are as forward thinking as they come.

Smart Light

Smart Light is an app. It has been developed by leaders in the luxury decorative marketing industry. It's purpose? To allow the user to remotely turn on and off lights in their home. It also enables them to adjust a variety of settings, including colour and lighting intensity.

Smart Use

The app offers two different control settings. Separate control allows users to change settings for a single light. Synchronized management provides the ability to change settings for all connected lighting devices in a location.

Smart Function

Initially, Smart Light was developed for Masiero’s own Drylight range. The technology incorporates not one but two international patents. The app functions via a Wi-Fi control, and is compatible for use with iOS and Android operating systems. Whilst at first designed for use with Masiero's Drylight, the app’s capabilities have been expanded. Now Smart Light is now available for use with Masiero’s indoor Venetian style chandeliers too.

Smart Technology

Smart Light gives the user full control of their lighting – indoor and outdoor – at just the click of a button. It allows the user to make the illumination of a property suit their needs and purpose. Not only that, but it keeps that control at their fingertips. Whilst somewhat limited at the moment, the technology promises break new boundaries across the luxury lighting industries.