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Lit: Masiero at The Prestige Hotel Budapest

Posted on December 26 2016

The Prestige Hotel Budapest, resplendent in its architecture, presents hospitality at its highest standard. The building embodies all the prosperity and artistry that was abundant in the early 1900s. Offering Hungarian hospitality in an atmosphere of timeless elegance, the hotel prides itself on its sense of class. It's a setting perfectly suited to the Masiero chandelier that illuminates it.

The building was reconstructed from a town house originally built in the 19th century by Jozef Hild. He was one of the most creative architects of the Hungarian neoclassicism and reform period. Everything about the establishment is designed to instill awe. From bohemian artistry to world class innovations, the Prestige Hotel Budapest is a crux of classic aesthetics. This traditional imagery is brought to life by cutting edge technology.

Everything is constructed with an air of elegance in mind. From the magnificent architecture of the building itself, through to its sleek design and huge interior spaces. Upon entering the hotel lobby, one of the first things to catch attention is the lighting. Hanging in pride of place over the setting, a Masiero chandelier illuminates the room. Giant and dazzling, the crystal creation dominates the room, sparkling magnificently as the light shines across the room.

It’s a classic elegance that The Prestige Hotel Budapest has made its own. This is permeated through every aspect from the architecture to the Michelin starred cuisine it offers for its guests. Here, Masiero’s creation serves to illuminate the settings character. But more than that, the design was chosen because it also adds to it. The light offers an added point of awe among surroundings designed to amaze.