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Lit: Studio Italia Design’s Interactive Suspension Light Designer

Posted on December 20 2016

Studio Italia Design always strive to provide products at the most cutting edge of high-end lighting technologies. They have worked hard to ensure their designs, and the process of shopping for them, are of the highest luxury.

The Configurator

On their website, the brand feature a Configurator. This is a virtual representation of a number of their most popular pendant lights in a real environment. Essentially, it allows the user to see what the designs look like in a home setting. This makes the process of finding the right light a whole lot easier.

The Configurator even allows you to personalise the virtual designs. There are options for shape, colour and size. It even allows you to customise the number of pendants on a fixture.

The Designs

Spider, A-Tube Nano, Rain, Kelly, and Nostalgia all feature on the Configurator. The nifty feature allows the user to change between a number of default template settings. There's even a function to upload a picture of your own. This allows users to see what the products would look like in the comfort of their own home before purchase.

The Use

The feature is easy to use, with quick tutorials available to improve its accessibility.  Once you’re happy with your design, the Configurator offers a summary of the item you have created. This includes colours, dimensions, and product codes. All this is available to download as a PDF file. The image of the design itself is easily shareable on Facebook.