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Lit: Swarovski's Christmas Tree

Posted on June 28 2017

Swarovski Lighting have long been a brand to sit at the forefront of not only the luxury lighting industry, but the culture that surrounds it. The brand has become truly iconic, incorporating everything from history to contemporary influences and bringing them to life with cutting edge technologies.

With stores and displays around the world, Swarovski Lighting is a brand that has become not just universally recognisable, but universally celebrated. This sense of celebration is something the brand cultivate through an active presence across the cultural scene.

Take, for example, the festive season. For several years Swarovski Lighting have had a crystal tree situated as the sparkling centrepiece of Innsbruck's Marketplace. These advent markets are an enchanting tradition that sees towns and cities transformed into festive wonderlands. The Christmas tree is an important part of that tradition.

Each year the brand try to ensure that their crystal creation is more spectacular than ever. Previously this has included the creating and construction of an elaborate creation featuring an astonishing 90000 crystals, 210 crystal balls, and 90 meters of crystal banding.

Designer Andreas Altmayer conceived the seventeen meter high, thirteen ton tree. Hung with fascinating crystal objects and topped off with a beautiful crystal star, this remarkable vision proved a hit with the old and young alike.

Swarovski Lighting's Christmas trees can be found in a number of cities around the world, including New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Rio De Janeiro. By putting these awe instilling constructions in a number of cities the brand invite people of all nations to join together in a spirit of peace and optimism.