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Lit: Swarovski Crystals in space

Posted on June 27 2017

Swarovski Lighting have always been renowned for pushing the boundaries and paving the way for the luxury lighting industry to progress and evolve into the future. Not content with simply challenging the possibilities of the future, Swarovski are testing the possibilities of the moment. The brand recently sent some wholly unique crystals into space.

Named Tiuterra in symbolism of a remarkable union between our world and the red planet, these crystals take their title from the Old English for Mars and the Latin for Earth. These dazzling crystals are exactly what their name suggests: a stunning composite of a two billion year old Mars meteorite found in Morocco and thirty three rock samples gathered from all over the world fused with Swarovski crystal.

Never before has a material from outer space, together with rock, been combined with crystal. These creations are one of a kind and strikingly unique. The revolutionary process behind their construction, understandably, remains top secret.

These Tiuterra crystals were presented to astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who gave up valuable space in here 1500g baggage allowance in order to talk them with her on a six month Futura mission to the International Space Station.

This will mark the third European woman to venture into space, the first time crystals have ever journeyed into Earth's atmosphere, and see the reunion of the Mars meteorite with space.