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Lit: Swarovski and The Giant

Posted on February 08 2017

Located in Swarovski Lighting's bewitching Kristallwelten - or Crystal Worlds - is a feature created with all the iconic character and spellbinding magic of a fairy tale. This feature is known as The Giant, and acts as the thematic centrepiece for the attraction.

The Giant

Created by multimedia artist André Heller in 1995, The Giant was designed with its own folklore in mind. Setting out to experience the world and all of the treasures and wonders within it, the Giant took on board all the knowledge the world had to offer. Having done this, he settled down in the most treasured and wonderful location he could think of - Wattens, Tyrol, where he now sits, watching over his Chamber Of Wonder, as he has done for years.

The Inspiration 

The Giant's tale isn't too far from the real life grounding that inspired its design. The Castle of Ambras was a sixteenth century attempt to assemble a universal collection of all knowledge known at the time. It's this that inspired The Giant's design, the Chambers of Wonder based on the historical Chamber of Wonders that existed in Ambras Castle.

The World Within

At Swarovski's Crystal Worlds, the Chambers of Wonder are filled with exhibitions, displays, and installations from internationally and nationally recognised artists, designers, and architects. These creatives have interpreted crystal in their own unique ways, creating concepts of space and experience from the sparkling material.

The Giant and the Chambers of Wonder were created as a world of wonder that continues to evolve, awe, and amaze from the moment you take your first steps inside. The realm of the Giant hosts a rich collection of precious items housed in 16 Chambers of Wonder. In a world of fantasy inspired and designed by some of the world’s greatest artists, visitors are invited to believe in miracles for just a moment.