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Lit: Swarovski's Lucky Day

Posted on February 07 2017

Swarovski Lighting - and in a broader market, Swarovski as a whole - have always intrinsically linked their craft to art. From the creations themselves, to the ways in which they are presented, photographed, promoted, and more, everything the brand do showcases their work as a form of artistry. As such, it's no surprise that they often collaborate with artists in a number of capacities, such as store front displays.

The Concept

Currently on display in Swarovski's Vienna city centre store, Lucky Day is a display that presents Swarovski's crystal craft in all the magic and majesty that's befitting of it. Inspired by the ancient craft of fortune telling, the display is a feat of bewitching wonder.

The Designer

London born Simon Costin is a graduate of Theatre Design and History of Art at Wimbledon School of Art. Since leaving college, Costin has gone on to become and internationally respected art director and set designer. Working with luxury brands worldwide, Costin is renowned for the conceptually ambitious nature of his editorial and catwalk designs, as well as his event conceptualizing.

The Display

Built in honour of Swarovski's industry defining crystal craft, Lucky Day combines the magic of mysticism with the awe-instilling beauty that's apparent in everything Swarovski create. A giant crystal ball sits in the centre of the display, its crystal clear surface a window into a shimmering mystery. Crystal-crafted tarot cards hang around the display, their innate magic multiplied by the glistening jewels used to create them. A crystal hand also adorns the display, palm lines labeled with clarity, opening a window towards the future.

As sparkling as it is sensational, Your Lucky Day is an intricate display facing the future with pride, constructed by a company who stand as leaders of their industry.