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Lit: Swarovski at The Oscars

Posted on March 21 2018

Swarovski Lighting are one of the brightest and boldest names in the luxury lighting industry. This is a brand with acclaim and reverance like no other, and it's easy to see why. From fashion, through ornaments, to (of course) lighting, and beyond, Swarovski offer an unparalleled quality in everything they do. Not only are are brand revered for their prestigious creations, but they also occupy a position at the forefront of contemporary culture. Their crystals are a striking part of a great many fashion shows, their jewellery adorned at some of the most exclusive events, their lighting designs installed in some of the most upscale of settings, and so much more besides. It comes as little surprise then to see the brand, their unparalleled crystal creations, and their esteemed lighting expertise, played a part in one of the calendar's most elusive events, one of the year's most celebrated award ceremonies: the oscars. "Lighting designers Bob Dickinson and Travis Hagenbuch lit the 90th Oscars, broadcast live from The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles," Live Design Online reported. "Seen on ABC on Sunday, March 4, the Oscars set featured 45 million Swarovski crystals and rotating panels as well as a lot of video content, creating various challenges for the LDs." Though it may have been a challenge, Swarovski Lighting rose to the occasion without a hitch. Bringing to life their own creativity and creation as a perfect compliment to the glamour, class, and circumstance of a ceremony such as The Oscars, this is just one example of why Swarovski are heralded with such celebration.