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Lit: Swarovski's Chambers Of Wonder

Posted on February 09 2017

Swarovski's Kristallwelten is a place of magic and majesty. Inside the head of The Giant (read our blog post on that here), a Chamber of Wonders houses some of the most spectacular crystal and light displays you are ever likely to see.

Silent Light

Created by designers Alexander McQueen and Tord Boontje in 2003, the eponymous centrepiece of Silent Light was originally placed in the foyer of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England before being moved to Swarovski's Kristallwelten - or Crystal Worlds.

Silent Light is a sparkling tree crafted from crystal. It was made using 150000 of Swarovski's industry defining crystals. The design is - like a lot of Swarovski's products - purpose built to instill a sense of awe.

Embodying a heart warmingly romantinc winter wonderland at the same time as a shiver inducing cold, Silent Light is a moment of beauty frozen. Whilst a spectacular sight at Christmastime, the design proves even more spellbinding during the hotter months, creating a magical contrast to the reality that exists outside of the doors.


Much like Silent Light, Eden takes a strong inspiration from nature and the world around us. The idea behind this particular display is to create a landscape that evokes one of the strongest primal responses in ourselves. That landscape is the forest.

As with any Swarovski Lighting designs, Eden is far from conventional. The world is embodies is at once fantastical, archaic, and primeval. At the entrance, a waterfall (filmed in the surrounding Alps) cascades down a screen, reflected by the mirrored walls to create as sense of grandiosity. The roar of this water fills the entire Chamber Of Wonder, grounding the spectacular display in a natural reality.

A path guides visitors as they meander through a dense wilderness of simple polished brass structures, which, reflected by the mirrored walls around them, create the image of an endless forest, much like you find in fairy tales and folklore.

Placed within this forest are hidden gems - quite literally. Eden is home to the biggest crystals Swarovski has ever produced. Emerging as beacons of light from the dark, like strange, exotic birds, reptiles, flowers, or fruit, these giant crystals symbolise the magnificence of nature and the origins of life.