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Lit: Swarovski's Palazzo project

Posted on March 21 2018

Popular culture is a rapidly changing entity. It manages to reflect the world as it is along with the world we aspire to. It comes as no surprise then that as the leading name in the design and manufacturing of crystal products, Swarovski have come to occupy their own unique place in popular culture.

Daniel Swarovski created the brand in pursuit of his dream of “creating a diamond for everyone”. He built an innovative, groundbreaking and sophisticated brand under his family name and was able to create the world’s finest high end accessories brand.

After setting himself on the market as the only brand from crystal luxury brands worth buying, he thought is was time to open his first store in 1980, where introduced the Christmas ornament collection, and what a huge success it was.

This high end brand was already a huge success in the luxury brands market, but Swarovski’s ambition has always been to grow, to strive, to create, and to surpass boundaries. With products popular on the market, it seems there is no area that the brand cannot conquer with their own unique class, excellence, and grace.

For 2018, the crystal giants are set to provide the full Swarovski experience at Palazzo Serbelloni's hidden courtyard. Inside a custom-built greenhouse, the Austrian brand will offer a pop-up Daniel’s Café (serving Viennese pastries) and a retail shop.

Visitors will be able to purchase Swarovski's atelier collections and jewellery. In addition, the brand will be showing off their new home collections by the likes of Nendo, John Pawson, and Patricia Urquiola.