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Lladro and Boca Do Lobo showcase new collaboration

Posted on May 07 2018

Lladro and Boca Do Lobo showcase new collaboration
“Two worlds, one lifestyle.” This is what Lladro and Boca Do Lobo declared on their invitation to the opening party they hosted together at this year's Milano Design Week. The aim of that statement was simple: to tease a collaboration that loosed set to bring to life a sense of character and illumination like never before. Lladro and Boca Do Lobo are both powerhouses in their own right. Lladro’s lighting designs are just as distinctive as the porcelain ornaments that first brought the brand to reverence. Whether looking for traditional inspiration or contemporary creation, they offer it all with a colourful personality that’s impossible to misplace. Much like Lladro Lighting, Boca Do Lobo wear their traditional influences on their sleeves with pride, bringing their classic inspirations to life with a contemporary craftsmanship and bold extravagance that remains unrivalled across the industry. Each brand has their own unique selling points, and their own sense of personality, that make their designs successful. Recently the two powerhouses collaborated together to create something bolder and brighter than ever before, and now, you can have your first glimpse of that. A celebration of art and design coming together, two luxury design market leaders pioneering their way to the forefront of the industry with their newest creations, the exhibition was one not to be missed. The event took place in the heart of Milan, next to the city's famed Duomo square, during Milan Design Week 2018. CovetED Magazine recently had an exclusive look at the astonishing showroom. There, they spoke with Guillaume Heuzé of Lladró and with Vera Silva of Boca do Lobo to gain insight into this striking and new collaboration, to learn of its origins, and to learn where it is headed. “So, it all begin when Boca do Lobo and Lladró had a partnership in New York City," Vera Silva (Brand Ambassador for Boca Do Lobo on the Italian market) explains. "They had a partnership in a fair and it continued for their showroom." "Guillaume contacted us for the showroom in Milan," she continues, "and then it was time for Marco Costa, Head of Design, to choose pieces of Boca Do Lobo to display." Settling on mostly pieces from the Lapiaz Family, the collaboration was set gear up into full flow. Guillaume Heuzé (Global Interior Design Development Director for Lladro) explained that this has been “a long work, so two or three years’ work." He went on to state that "it’s all handcrafted and these are very special pieces," adding that "they are close to art, so they are all limited edition and from the new collection." "As Boca Do Lobo has been using very symbolic furniture we really wanted to use symbolic pieces and make everything concrete for a great lifestyle of interior design,” he adds. Working in conjunction with each other, Lladro and Boca Do Lobo have created something truly spectacular. Including chairs and consoles, vases, tables, jewellery, lamps, and even more besides, this is a collaboration between giants, a collaboration truly unlike any other you're likely to encounter. All of these creations are perfectly integrated with each other, allow audiences to explore for themselves the incredible design language of both companies, witnessing a highlight of exclusive design.