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Lladro share new Light And Scent collection

Posted on June 13 2018

Lladro share new Light And Scent collection
Lladro Lighting has one of the most fascinating stories of porcelain in the world. An analogue brand in the 21st century, these craftsmen are alchemists of porcelain. The brand creates dreams in porcelain. Each light is handmade in Spain by expert craftsmen. This is done with technical perfection and also with artistic excellence. The magic of the light as it is filtered through the porcelain is exactly what makes Lladro products so unique. A wonderful alternative to the traditional crystal chandeliers while still maintaining the luxurious feel. There is a chandelier for every style and a customised lighting solution for any space. The sky is the limit, no idea is too big or small. The video below gives us a glimpse into the luxury Spanish lighting brand. These designs have a scarcity within England. This makes them a great option for those looking for a solution that is different from the rest. Buying something rare, you’re assured that the design really demonstrates that wow factor. When purchasing a Lladro chandelier, pendant or even lithophane. You’re not just getting a product, you’re getting a dream – a dream that has been hand captured within the porcelain. The latest guise in which these porcelain dreams take shape is a new range of lighting and fragrance products. Cordless lamps and innovative diffusers feature in Lladró’s latest product line-up. This collection of designs was presented at the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore. The result of a keen focus on innovation and design, this new Light And Scent catalogue comprises of small lamps, lithophanes, and home fragrances, each created with Lladro's long esteemed porcelain craftsmanship. The new Light And Sent catalogue includes rechargeable battery powered lamps. With a portability that's truly characteristic to their design, these lighting creations can be used both indoors and outdoors. Also included in this new Light And Scent catalogue is a Dome collection of cordless lamps. Available in white, blue, green, and pink porcelain, these designs are brought to life with a distinctive sense of playfulness. The Firefly collection comprises of cordless table lamps with porcelain lithophane screens. Offering portability and adaptability, these lighting designs have been crafted to meet all manner of luxury lighting needs. The Cactus Fragrance collection is Lladro's first collection of liquid diffusers, handcrafted in porcelain to ensure that every product not only has the attention to detail that the brand pride themselves on, but that each design is truly unique. 1001 Lights includes a perfume and a selection of blue and red designs while Echoes of Nature offers seven candles with seven different aromas. Lee and Lane focuses on two aromas. The Guest by Jaime Hayon heads Lladró’s range of porcelain figures. In the fashion accessories category, the brand presents its Geo and Animal Hero collections. Lladró have supported their latest lines with a new white and gold display stand. Here at iLite Lighting we stock a wide range of Lladro products. As ever, our friendly and expert staff are on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you may have.