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Look back at Maison Valentina at Salone Del Mobile

Posted on May 04 2018

Look back at Maison Valentina at Salone Del Mobile
Maison Valentina is a new luxury bathroom brand concept with high end solutions, offering everything thing from bathtubs, washbasins, and free standing washbasins, through mirrors, lighting, case goods, and other products beyond. Made with pure love, their characteristic collection is capable of turning any dream bathroom into a reality. Their aim is simple: to offer comfort and luxury keeping an exclusive and bold design. Everything they offer is made with the finest selection of materials, such as brass, marble, wood, and glass, all brought to life with rare handwork techniques and contemporary design to bring you a product with a true sense of character. Through their products, Maison Valentina’s strive to offer the same comfort and luxury that people are able feel in other division of the house, at the same time as maintaining their standard among the best exclusive design and bold pieces. As one of the newer brands on the market, they seek to provide their customers with high-quality pieces in order to give you the freedom to create singular art bathrooms perfectly suited to your design and function needs. Maison Valentina might be a relatively new brand to the luxury design industry, but they're already making their name known, and making their artisanal craft of creating luxury items of furniture design seem effortless. They have built up a reputation for themselves already as a brand who offer the best in furniture and accessory solutions for the bathroom. Maison Valentina were immensely proud to have participated in an esteemed exhibition in Milan. The brand exhibited the best of their creations at this year's Salone Del Mobile, showcasing their expert inspirations and craftsmanship to an audience who proved to be throughly impressed by these luxury items. For those who attended this year's Salone Del Mobile, Maison Valentina's display could have been found at the biennial Salone Del Bagno exhibition, which is known to be one of the event's most appealing showcases. Here Maison Valentina presented a wide variety of classic pieces from their Symphony and Newton collections, alongside new products from their ATO collections. As if that weren't already impressive enough, the brand also exhibited four remarkable wall mirror designs. The purpose of this display was simple: Maison Valentina wanted to leave their audiences stunned, and that's exactly what their striking exhibition of products managed to do, inspiring and impressing people in equal amounts. This is just the beginning for Maison Valentina. With such striking creations, built and constructed with such passion and grace, there's no other brand quite like them on the luxury design market. Their display at Salone Del Mobile was just one example of that. With more exhibitions no doubt to take place before the year ends, there's more to come from Maison Valentina. Here at iLite we stock a full range from the luxury brand. As ever, our expert staff are on hand to help you with any questions or queries you may have, to make the journey towards your ideal luxury design product as smooth and as seamless as possible.