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Luxury lighting designer Michael Anastassiades shortlisted as product designer of the year

Posted on April 30 2018

Every year, the Lighting Design Awards is heralded as one of the most important events on the luxury lighting calendar. Celebrating the boldest, the brightest, and the most innovative of minds, brands, and designs in the lighting industry, this event not only serves as a commemoration of everything current, but an exciting celebration of everything in the lighting industry's future. This year, for the second year running, Michael Anastassiades has been announced as one of the names shortlisted as Product Designer Of The Year. A celebrated part of Flos Lighting’s world renowned team, Michael Anastassiades was schooled in industrial design and engineering at London’s Royal College of Art and Imperial College before he founded his London design studio in 1994. He is famed for his characteristic designs created with Flos Lighting. Michael Anastassiades is particularly renowned for his lighting products, which comprise 80% of his studio’s commissions. To bring these designs to life, he favours the use of shiny surfaces combined with simple geometric shapes like tubes, oblongs and spheres, and articulate architectural spaces. He often chooses reflective materials – such as mirrored glass and polished bronze – that appear to dematerialise his objects, to float independently, interacting with the space surrounding them. A man who thinks of himself not as an artist or as a designer, but more as a creative, Michael Anastassiades' designs draw from the the most inspired of influences to create a product with a character that's entirely it's own. In an interview with Flos Lighting - a company he has become renowned for collaborating with - Michael Anastassiades stated that "there is a reason why there is the day and why there is the night – and we should never try to replace one with the other." For him, light is a material all of its own. He considers it as an element that shifts and evolves, much as our need and uses for it do every day. As such, his products are designed with this in mind, created with a flexibility that allows them to adapt and prove as striking when switched off at the height of day as they do while in use when the world outside gets dark. "When designing a light, I think it’s important to acknowledge that it can never be an isolated object but one that interacts with its environment," Michael Anastassiades continued to describe in his interview with Flos Lighting. "I believe that it is only after embracing all conditions that you can start designing. Light exists in so many beautiful dimensions in nature. I would consider myself lucky if I could capture just one of those moments." When asked about his inspirations in design - be that when creating a lamp for the home or a striking central fixture for the grandest of settings, his answer was decidedly straightforward. "When designing a light, I always start from the glow," he detailed. "It is an important quality – its balance makes the entire experience become a form of meditation. I never differentiate between a light I design for a place of worship or simply for a home."