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Luxury lighting industry campaign for fresh water

Posted on May 02 2018

Luxury lighting industry campaign for fresh water
The Lighting Design Awards is an event unlike any other. Celebrating the latest and indeed the greatest in luxury lighting design, this annual event brings together some of the boldest, some of the brightest, and some of the most revered names across the luxury lighting and design industries. In partnership with the Institution Of Lighting Professionals alongside the Society Of Light And Lighting, the event is an established calendar highlight for luxury lighting professionals across the UK. Attended by nearing 1000 people each year, the ceremony is a celebration of the boldest and most innovative work across the lighting industry for everyone from designers, through manufacturers, to clients. With a rigorous judging process involved, the Lighting Design Awards has maintained a reputation as one of the most prestigious events of its kind. All the projects entered are examined by a distinguished group of lighting experts, and every project shortlisted for an award is visited so that the reality of each instillation can be judged. Of course, the Lighting Design Awards are about more than celebrating the luxury lighting and design industries. This year the event have launched an initiative, inviting people to use Twitter for a worthy cause. For every person who tweets a photo of light and water, the Lighting Design Awards will donate 1,000 water purification tablets to a needy community. Giving back to industry and the world that surrounds them, this is an action meant to inspire, to spread word of a valuable cause, all the while showcasing an industry driving towards a cleaner, shared success that benefits not only them but the rest of the world around them. Following in the footsteps of design industry giants like Swarovski, who have long worked to better the environment and the world they work in through various schemes (including a water school scheme, giving back to the world through a element the brand themselves work with), this #LiquidLight social media campaign has been cultivated to raise awareness for a cause in need of attention. The campaign has seen a massive response, with companies and individuals alike taking to social media network Twitter to share images that combine light and water, all in aid of not only building up donations of water purification tablets to needy communities, but also in aid of furthering the imperative cause to as wide of an audience as is possible, extending the impact far beyond the industry that started the campaign. The responses have ranged from the scenic through the striking to the straight out humorous, and beyond, every social media post designed to inspire shares and additional support, striving for the biggest and most beneficial impact the campaign can possibly go on to achieve. This is not the first time that names in luxury lighting have come together to campaign for and work towards a better environment, and proving as successful as #LiquidLight has done, chances are it won't be the last time either. Setting a precedent for improvement and for charity, #LiquidLight is proving an inspiring success to industries all around.