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Luxxu showcase the Burj wall lamp at ICFF

Posted on May 23 2018

Luxxu showcase the Burj wall lamp at ICFF
The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (or ICFF) celebrates its 30th annual edition this year. One of the most important fairs to take place as a part of NYCxDESIGN, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair will gather around a whopping 36000 designers, architects, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and other insiders of the luxury lighting industry and the design world besides. The event takes place at New York City’s Javits Centre in the heart of Manhattan. A thriving cultural metropolis any day of the week, this is a perfect backdrop to highlight the thriving and continuously evolving nature of the design industry. As it does every year, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair will map out the newest frontier of what is best and brightest across the design market, as well as what will follow next. Over the first four days of the event’s duration, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair will be abuzz with all kinds of industry professionals. From Wednesday 23rd May the doors will be open to the public. Year after year after year, for thirty years running the International Contemporary Furniture Fair draws in anybody in pursuit of the timely truths and latest trends within the design world. The event offers and encyclopaedic exhibition of the freshest offerings. Not only that, but the event also offers a series of fun and fascinating programs along with a packed schedule of exhibits and features. Drawing together exhibitors from more than thirty different countries, and giving them the opportunity to showcase their designs side by side, this is one of the best opportunities to take in everything the design world is able to offer, and to gain an understanding of what the design industry will be able to offer in the future. One such exhibitor to put their products on display at this year's International Contemporary Furniture Fair is Luxxu Modern Design & Living, a brand purposefully created to offer some of the most cutting edge luxury lighting designs on the market. Everything they create is designed in such a way as to redefine your definition of art, bringing you solutions that are as much at the height of technology as they are unique. Luxxu’s designs are symphonies, with every part as important as the last. The ambiance these designs create is forged to be everlasting, shared by every element of the creation. By creating in this way, these lighting solutions offer you with the opportunity to embrace these ambiences, making them your own. Shaping their future by setting trends, Luxxu Design are famed for their timeless pieces and refined elegance. Lighting was just the start of their journey, taking classic influences and infusing them with a contemporary twist to create some of the classiest products on the luxury market. One of the products you will be able to see in all of its glory at this year's ICFF is the Burj wall light. Every design in the Burj family found its inspiration in one of the most stunning hotels in the world: the Burj Al Arab. Like the hotel, this wall light is a symbol of modernity and luxury combined. The light boasts a strong and decorative structure: constructed from gold plated brass, which transmits a sense of elegance and sophistication, and complimented by delicate handmade crystal glass tubes, bringing a sense of magic to any space.