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Luxxu showcase the Empire Chandelier

Posted on May 16 2018

Luxxu showcase the Empire Chandelier
With luxury in their very name, Luxxu Modern Design & Living is a brand purposefully created to offer some of the most cutting edge luxury lighting designs on the market. Everything they create is designed in such a way as to redefine your definition of art, bringing you solutions that are as much at the height of technology as they are unique. Luxxu’s designs are symphonies, with every part as important as the last. The ambiance these designs create is forged to be everlasting, shared by every element of the creation. By creating in this way, these lighting solutions offer you with the opportunity to embrace these ambiences, making them your own. Shaping their future by setting trends, Luxxu Design are famed for their timeless pieces and refined elegance. Lighting was just the start of their journey, taking classic influences and infusing them with a contemporary twist to create some of the classiest products on the luxury market. The products that Luxxu Design create all carry characteristic hallmarks. These are products built using the most noble of materials and finishes, with the option for customisation meaning that they can all be made to suit you and your setting. These are designs meant to inspire, bringing timeless grace to life with unrivalled power. These designs are assured of excellence in every detail of their of every component used in their construction. They achieve this by drawing together a team of craftsmen with a daring and talented creativity that places them at the forefront of their field. The brand’s vision is simple: to convey they key values of luxury, elegance, and personality, with quality and innovation. Their success has been evident right from the start, with their products presented at some of the most recognisable and exclusive trade shows around. One of Luxxu Design's most iconic creations is the Empire. The design - and, indeed, the name - was inspired by the stunning architecture of one of New York's most famous structures: The Empire State Building. Much like the building itself, the lights within Luxxu Design's Empire family are masterpieces, boasting an extravagant shape that's capable of transforming any space into a truly stunning scenario. With a vigorous sense of personality, every design piece in the Empire family creates an exclusive atmosphere, conveying luxury at its most graceful. The Empire suspension gets its inspiration from the Empire family’s first creation, the Empire chandelier. This exclusive fixture is made with one elegant layer of brass and crystal glass that will fit perfectly in any space.
The Empire mirror found its inspiration in the extravagant and vigorous Empire Collection. With its will to keep up with the Empire family high standards on exquisite and exceptional design, the Empire mirror’s powerful lines are the result of an extraordinary precision of handmade techniques. Adequate to transform any space into a luxurious atmosphere.
As with everything in this collection, The Empire State Building was the inspiration for this stunning side table. It adds a classic yet modern appeal to any space. Made with the highest quality of brass and nero marquina marble, this is ideal to create a spectacular and sophisticated living room, entrance or bedroom.