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Mantra shine a light on the Paola

Posted on June 06 2018

Mantra shine a light on the Paola
An internationally recognised manufacturer of designer luxury low energy lighting at affordable prices, Mantra Lighting is leading the way in energy saving lighting design. The brand has over 1000 products to their name. Creating a unique identity with every range of products, the brand has developed a sense of character that never loses its appeal. The fundamental concept of elegantly bent metalwork and carefully sculptured glass shades that Mantra Lighting manage to create is something many competitors aspire to. Their ability to build lighting the way they do has led to them working with the most excellent designers. Many of the mesmerizing concepts the designers create are drawn from the influence of famous artists such as Gaudi and Salvador Dali to help create truly precious pieces of lighting art that are bound to impress. The designers who work at Mantra are not only driven by the desire to provide a vast range of designs, but also by the necessity to also provide energy saving solutions. Investing in cutting edge techniques and materials has helped the company achieve the creation of one of the best selections of energy saving products currently available on the market. Mantra Lighting products are a sure way to instantly inject elegance to a setting of your choosing. The company strive to do justice to the remarkable range they offer with great value and with excellent levels of service – two characteristics they consistently pried themselves on. The designs Mantra Lighting create are all made with the brand’s philosophy in mind. That philosophy is “seinte la luz”, which, when translated to English, means “feel the light”. Mantra Lighting offer a huge range of products (from floor and table lamps to ceiling and wall fittings) that continues to expand. These products are designed not just to meet all your practical requirements, but also to bring their character to a room or setting. All the products this brand create undergo an intensive screening process in order to ensure the highest possible quality is attained in every aspect of creation and function. This screening process goes right through from the choice of material used to make them to the way they are packaged in transit to ensure safe delivery. Mantra Lighting pride themselves on their ability to ensure that neither style nor service is ever compromised. The brand recently shone a spotlight on their Paola collection of designs. This family of creations, taking in everything from ceiling lights, suspension lights, wall lights, table lights, and floor lights, each design purpose crafted to instal a sense of personality to your setting. The Paola family of designs is a collection of lighting sculptures composed of sophisticated and elegant lines. These are designs with a sinuous metal structure and decorated in an old gold or an old silver finish. The Paola design boasts translucent shades in cotton, available in white or black, which transmit a warm and ambient light into your setting. Presenting a sense of harmony conveyed through classic design, the Paola collection is truly unlike any other.