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News Flash: Atelier Swarovski celebrate ten years of collaboration

Posted on March 19 2018

Swarovski have always been a company associated with excellence. When it comes to crystal creations, the brand name is unparalleled. From jewellery, through fashion, to lighting, and more besides, there isn't another with such a dedication or clear craftsmanship when it comes to crystal. Now, Swarovski's Atelier are celebrating a decade of history in unparalleled excellence. That's ten years of characteristic innovation, collaboration, and commitment that marks Swarovski's creations out above any other. Collaboration is just one of three qualities Swarovski have always strived to construct in every item they create. The brand has become known for their collaborations in design, teaming up with some of the most dedicated, passionate, and creative names in the industry to make creations unlike any other. Working with others to create only the very best for their audience is an ethos that Swarovski live and breathe by. "Building on a philosophy initiated in the 1920’s with Jeanne Lanvin and Balenciaga," they state, "Atelier Swarovski is teaming up with today’s most talented names in fashion and design to shape the crystals of tomorrow." Christopher Kane, one of the first designers to ever collaborate with Atelier Swarovski, had this to say of the partnership: "Swarovski, for me, is about two things: simplicity, or completely going for it. It’s those two extremes." Pippa Small, another celebrated designer to work alongside Atelier Swarovski, noted during her time working with the company that "the history of Swarovski and its longevity as a brand is quite rare now, as is the respect for the materials they work with… It was very inspirational to me."