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News Flash: Atelier Swarovski celebrate ten years of commitment

Posted on March 19 2018

Swarovski have always been a company associated with excellence. When it comes to crystal creations, the brand name is unparalleled. From jewellery, through fashion, to lighting, and more besides, there isn't another with such a dedication or clear craftsmanship when it comes to crystal. Now, Swarovski's Atelier are celebrating a decade of history in unparalleled excellence. That's ten years of characteristic innovation, collaboration, and commitment that marks Swarovski's creations out above any other. Commitment is just one of three qualities Swarovski have always strived to construct in every item they create. Theirs is a history that speaks for itself. Years of artisan craftsmanship, years of being revered as one of the boldest and brightest names in crystal creations, these things are the result of the brand's passionate team and commitment to their craft. Even when the company itself was new, they knew this was what they were building towards. They had the passion and the drive, the commitment is what's seen them carry that through. "Daniel Swarovski’s vision for a responsible company was one that not only has its employees’ wellbeing at heart," the brand state, "but also that of the environment and society as a whole." Commitment to bettering not only themselves, but the industry they work in, and indeed the wider world beyond that (though charities, environmental campaigns, and - as seen recently - their campaign for equality) is exactly what's seen Swarovski become so valued by the audiences that encounter them. Swarovski offer a promise not only of quality designs, quality construction, and quality products, but a quality of experience, and they promote that to the wider world through everything they do, making them a brand truly worthy of being revered.