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News Flash: Atelier Swarovski celebrate ten years of innovation

Posted on March 19 2018

Swarovski have always been a company associated with excellence. When it comes to crystal creations, the brand name is unparalleled. From jewellery, through fashion, to lighting, and more besides, there isn't another with such a dedication or clear craftsmanship when it comes to crystal. Now, Swarovski's Atelier are celebrating a decade of history in unparalleled excellence. That's ten years of characteristic innovation, collaboration, and commitment that marks Swarovski's creations out above any other. Innovation is just one of three qualities Swarovski have always strived to construct in every item they create. The brand have always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries: to finding the best and most resourceful techniques for production, to crafting the most stunning designs, and to offering the most valued in customer service. This has been the way for Swarovski right from the very start. "When Daniel Swarovski invented the first electric crystal-cutting machine, he established a long-running philosophy of innovation," the brand state. "Today, Atelier Swarovski follows in the footsteps of its forebears." From the Aurora Borealis effect (a new method to coat the surface of crystal that transformed the prismatic properties of Swarovski’s stones and placed the brand at the pinnacle of high fashion) in 1956, to the Crystal Fusion technique (a new method to seamlessly merge crystal and resin into a solitary form) in 2014, innovation is everything to the brand. And it doesn't stop now. The future, for Swarovski, is as bright as ever. One of the brand's most recent developments has seen them delve into and explore virtual reality. Fusing groundbreaking technology with visionary design, Swarovski have created a virtual reality shopping experience, the first of its kind, where consumers can interact with Atelier Swarovski’s home décor objects in a simulated home environment.