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News Flash: Boca Do Lobo present new designs

Posted on April 23 2018

One of the boldest names in luxury design, Boca Do Lobo have presented some of their newest designs to the public. The brand created a spectacular scene alive with mysticism in Milan for this year's Salone Del Mobile event. Described by Boca Do Lobo as "a place for fantasy and unfiltered human expression, of utmost beauty," the inspiration for the brand's spellbinding new display was the theatre, a place that has long captured the collective imagination of those looking to free their minds from the reality of daily life. Dramatic and sophisticated, Boca Do Lobo created their display as an open invite for visitors to uncover contemporary settings and inspired pieces brought into being by talented master craftsmen and creative minds that constantly strive to push the limits of their creations. Much like the inspiration of the theater, Boca Do Lobo strived to have their creations to be observed and appreciated as pieces of art. Design and construction is, after all, its own form of inspired artistic creation. Boca Do Lobo exhibited their Imperfectio Sofa, Eden Center Table, Stonehenge Dining Table, Soleil Chair, and Symphony Sideboard, each and every piece of the display playing a main roll in the scenario, creating a setting that any design lover can fall for. Boca Do Lobo's display at Salone Del Mobile 2018 was built as an explosion of creativity, capturing the imagination of those who look forward to freeing their minds and crave to see new and iconic pieces playing the main role at the tradeshow.