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News Flash: Brand Van Egmond introduce new finish

Posted on August 08 2017

Brand Van Egmond is a Dutch lighting design company that sits at the cutting edge of the lighting industry. The brand is an international trendsetter – for exclusive handcrafted decorative lighting designs, there’s no parallel.

This lighting design and manufacturing firm was founded in 1989 by William Brand. Brand had trained as an architect at the Utrecht School Of The Arts in the Netherlands before establishing the company. The first lighting design to be created under the Brand Van Egmond became an instant icon. The name became synonymous with passion and innovation right from the start.

The history that has brought Brand Van Egmond to where they are today, and the legacy that continues to endure, are both things that this company celebrate. Their main focus, however, lies firmly on the future.

Experimentation and innovation are key concepts for the brand. These are the things that Brand Van Egmond strive for with their hand made constructions, utilising the most cutting edge materials and technologies to bring their designs to life.

This is a company who are always innovating, always striving to remain at the peak of creativity. This month the firm introduced a brand new finish to their ranges. Like everything Brand Van Egmond do, this retains the company's characteristic personality while offering a sense of something entirely new.

The Brass Burnished finish involves several techniques of work. It's only after rigorous polishing and gentle burning that steel can be transformed into this new presentation. Flames are used to create different tones of colour, and rather than adhering to a preconceived concept, it's the heat that determines the end result. In the hands of Brand Van Egmond's master craftsmen and craftswomen, the Brass Burnished finish is one that forms itself.