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News Flash: Brand Van Egmond announce new collection

Posted on May 10 2017

Brand van Egmond represents unusual ceiling lights, chandeliers, floor and table lamps of various colours, shapes and materials. The Dutch company was founded in 1989 by two professional artists, William Brand and Annet von Egmond. Both designers have been joined ever since by the common desire to create art without restrictions.

Out of this partnership comes another new design collection. Named Shiro -  a word which is the Japanese for 'castle' - this design collection draws inspiration from history, from culture, and from a sense of majesty and awe, all of which is instilled into the Shiro lights' very creation.

"By means of the deduction of every unnecessary layer of decoration, a calmness of mind appears allowing for a new collection to be born," Brand Van Egmond describe of their latest products. "The Shiro – Japanese for castle - is the result of a journey of deconstruction."

Sure enough, the light is built with a certain simplicity, a hint of nostalgia for times gone by. The design is uncluttered, allowing space for appreciation. It doesn't try to overstate. It doesn't try to impose. Instead it creates an air of majesty in its subtlety.

"Stripped of all but the bare yet beautiful essentials, this new collection permits for a well composed equilibrium," Brand Van Egmond illustrate further. "It allows serenity to triumph over chaos."