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News Flash: Brand Van Egmond unveil new lighting collections

Posted on April 19 2017

Brand Van Egmond is a Dutch lighting design company that sits at the cutting edge of the lighting industry. The brand is an international trendsetter – for exclusive handcrafted decorative lighting designs, there’s no parallel.

The brand have unveiled four new lighting collections. Named Ersa, Edison's Tail, Kelp Fortuna, and Shiro, these lighting ranges arrive with no shortage of elegance and grace, placing the band firmly at the forefront of the lighting industry today.


"Early morning, when the first light of day sends the darkness of the night away, we can see one of nature’s wonders on display: dew drops formed throughout the night," Brand Van Egmond describe of this design. Fusing function with poetry, this light is as delicate as it is delightful.

Edison's Tail 

"Unadorned yet full of energy, contemporary and elegant: Edison’s Tail moves freely through space and reveals that bringing light and vitality can go hand in hand," Brand Van Egmond describe. "Introduced successfully by the inventor Thomas Edison, the light bulb is - more than in any other collection - an integral part of the overall design."

"The spirited and energetic shape of Edison’s Tail is evocative of the initial burst of life when a seed opens and through the cracks the first green shots appear," they continue. "To see this exact moment, is to see a wonder in the making. To capture this moment, is what Edison’s Tail attempts."

Kelp Fortuna

"By means of the deduction of every unnecessary layer of decoration, a calmness of mind appears allowing for a new collection to be born," Brand Van Egmond illustrate. "The Shiro – Japanese for castle - is the result of a journey of deconstruction."

"Stripped of all but the bare yet beautiful essentials," the brand adds. "This new collection permits for a well composed equilibrium. It allows serenity to triumph over chaos."


"Overwhelmed by the warm reception the Kelp collection received, William Brand was intrigued to experiment further and sought to add new elements," the brand offer of their inspiration for this design. "The grand icicles, blown and pulled at the same time by our glassblowers, add a striking monumental facet to the frivolously shaped Kelp."

"To be able to create icicles of this quality and size demanded rigorous experimenting and exploration of new techniques," Brand Van Egmond state. "As the 16th century Florentine diplomat and poet Machiavelli wrote, ‘It’s better to be adventurous than cautious, as Fortuna is a woman’."