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News Flash: David Hunt's decorating tips

Posted on January 24 2018

Founded in Birmingham in the 1800s, David Hunt Lighting is one of the UKs longest surviving lighting manufacturers. For the past century the brand has built up a name and a celebrated reputation designing and manufacturing wholly original products. As they do every year, David Hunt Lighting have stepped into 2018 with a renewed vigour. Looking at the twelve months ahead of us, the company have shared a number of decorating tips on their website, offering advice to assist with any project you may undertake. Describing the new year as "the perfect time to replenish our décor and brighten our homes, ready to welcome the spring," the tips David Hunt Lighting have shared can be applied to any number of settings as and when you see fit. The advice they offer can be found below. If you miss the warm glow cast by fairy lights throughout December then it may be time to refresh your lighting. A new table lamp can really enhance the atmosphere in a room, providing a soft and welcoming radiance. Many of our table lamps are sold as base only, meaning the choice of shade shape, size and even colour is all down to you. Brighten your walls if you think they’re lacking in colour; why not try the Marston and Langinger paint palette to help choose your perfect colour scheme. Their vast collection is sure to have a suitable palette option and the depth of their colours is simply stunning. If you’re driven by artistic desire then a wall covering may be a better suited choice. Zoffany’s Muse Collection is a striking combination of modernist style with craftsmanship and rich materials. For a final and simplistic touch, Introduce foliage or succulents to your décor. They take up minimal space but give maximum impact on your interior styling. Dark leaves compliment the deep tones of a wall, whereas brighter florals will add vibrancy to a more pastel scheme. Our planters are perfect to house smaller succulents.