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News Flash: Department Of Energy publishes gateway research on tunable lighting

Posted on October 12 2017

If luxury lighting seems like an omnipresent part of contemporary life and culture, that’s because it is. Lighting is more than furniture or an appliance. This is an industry that often pioneers the way through culture – and not just in the home or in commercial spaces.

When it comes to finding the right lighting design for you, it's crucial to understand the effects that lighting can have not only on a setting, but on the people who use it. Lighting can effect a mood, changing how a person feels, and understanding this is key to selecting a design to perfectly complement your space.

The US Department Of Energy (DOE) has recently published gateway research on tunable LED lighting in education. The body conducted a gateway trial of tunable LED lighting in three classrooms.

They found that teachers felt that solid state lighting installations improved the educational environment. In comparison to non tunable LED lighting, there is a premium cost for this, but as a consequence of these findings, the district said they would reevaluate tunable technology as more data becomes available.

The reason for this is simple: research documents this type of tunable lighting to have a positive impact in not just teacher satisfaction, but also in student learning outcomes when compared to fluorescent reference classrooms.

Like those who undertook this research, here at iLite we understand the quality, the nature and the importance of light. Our staff are on hand to help you find the lighting solution that you seek and to make the process of searching for it as seamless as possible.