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News Flash: Foscarini host James Wines lecture

Posted on April 16 2018

When it comes to industry and technology defining contemporary luxury lighting designs, Foscarini Lighting are a brand with a sense of character and vibrance completely their own. Foscarini Lighting recently announced a collaboration with James Wines, teasing across their social networks a brand new series of designs under the name of The Light Bulb Series. These creations, designed by James Wines, are the latest innovation to come from Foscarini Lighting, and promise new possibilities across the frontier of design that the brand have made their very own. “It’s always possible to think about light in a different way,” Foscarini Lighting state online. This is an ethos that is not only embodied in this new Light Bulb Series they are promoting, but in every move Foscarini Lighting make. This is lighting design with a different, classic inspiration brought to light with an increasingly contemporary grace, and presented with no shortage of luxury, to bring you the best, most aesthetically pleasing, and most graceful fixtures on the luxury lighting market. Today the brand host a lecture from James Wines in Milan. An artists, an architect, and a graduate of Syracuse University, James Wines is a co-founder of SITE (Sculpture in the Environment ), a movement through which he oriented his experimentation towards "living" urban places, such as squares, spaces. open, parking, highways. His is an "environmental art" takes an approach to architecture with a particular focus towards the way that spaces communicate, thereby attributing to the discipline strong social and pedagogical connotations.