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News Flash: innovation presents the musical lightbulb

Posted on July 03 2017

The luxury lighting industry is always evolving. New innovations are a constant answer to endless possibilities as luxury lighting paves the way into the future. One recently celebrated innovation is brought to life from Astro.

Putting a fresh twist on the smart light bulb, the company have enabled the ability to stream music directly through a connected light via Apple AirPlay. Without the need for extra hardware (just a smart home hub or bluetooth connection to make the device work), the Twist interactive LED light bulb and speaker hybrid is a first for the luxury lighting industry.

To play music through the bulb from any screw in lighting fixture, simply choose a song or playlist from an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Mac, and the device does the rest. Unlike bluetooth enabled speaker light bulbs, music can be streamed via the Twist bulb from anywhere in your living space.

This innovation was designed for the luxury lighting industry by Astro for urban renters living in small apartments. With the dual function of providing high end lighting and high quality sound, without the drawback of the expense that a hard wired multi room smart home system brings, this is an innovation destined to impress.

And it's not just music the Twist bulb offers. The light can also automatically change colour temperature throughout the day (starting at cool white in the morning and progressing to buttery yellow in the evening), with transitions happening based on location, local weather conditions, and the time of the day.