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News Flash: LEDs set to change horticulture

Posted on October 09 2017

If luxury lighting seems like an omnipresent part of contemporary life and culture, that’s because it is. Lighting is more than furniture or an appliance. This is an industry that often pioneers the way through culture - and not just in the home or in commercial spaces.

Studies have revealed that ninety percent of plant genes are regulated by light. This means that it's possible to change how a plant grows, how fast it develops, and it's morphology - all through the careful selection of lighting choices.

One thing that can be modified to assist and/or change plant growth is the colour of LED lighting. This can be fine tuned to assist not only the growth of plants, but can also be used to improve their year round taste, their quality, and even to potentially increase their nutritional value.

And those aren't the only possible benefits either. Growing fruits and vegetables under LED lights makes them less vulnerable to the threats of climate change.

Other aspects that can be assisted by light choices include the flavour, the aroma, the antioxidant content, and potentially the amount of vitamins produced by a plant.

Like those who undertook this research, here at iLite we understand the quality, the nature and the importance of light. Our staff are on hand to help you find the lighting solution that you seek and to make the process of searching for it as seamless as possible.