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News Flash: Light + Building to showcase human centric lighting

Posted on March 16 2018

When it comes to completing the perfect luxury lighting project, it's not just the setting you need to understand, but the people who frequent or make use of that setting. The new trend of human centric lighting puts people and their well being at the centre of any lighting project. The benefits of utilising human centric lighting are obvious from the start. A compliment to a person's circadian rhythm, or body clock, this kind of lighting is a natural compliment to daylight, made to suit the individual as and how they need it to. There are obvious benefits to the application in specific settings too. Human centric lighting has been known to increase productivity, to bolster energy, and to make individuals generally more content - ideal for places of work. Whether introduced as an individual solution (where individual lighting elements react on their own) or as part of an interlinked control network (where individual lights are regulated in order to ensure that they interact sensibly), it's easy to see why human centric lighting is a lighting solution that;s on the rise. This year's Light + Building event in Frankfurt will see the luxury lighting industry showcase a range of products, presenting the growing choice that's available to the public. Visitors will be able to collect information about the many possible solutions to be found on the market as well as the latest lighting trends and intelligent lighting control systems.