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News Flash: Lighting in Student Accommodation

Posted on July 19 2017

The luxury lighting industry is one that's always evolving. Here at iLite Lighting, our staff are on hand to keep you abreast of developments in order to ensure you get the lighting product most suited for you.

One recent advancement in the lighting industry has occurred in student accommodations. With the cost of living in university halls ever rising it is becoming increasingly clear that student satisfaction has to be considered.

Lighting needs to be simple but also has to meet a student’s requirements such as; studying, getting sufficient amounts of sleep – severely affected by using the wrong sources of light - and safety.

As well as this, maintenance teams and university electrical teams are under pressure to be more energy efficient and cost effective. So it comes as no surprise that the lighting used in student accommodation has been moving away from incandescent and fluorescent fittings in favour of LED lighting.

The benefits of LED lighting in this setting are obvious: LED lights are a far better option when it comes to both energy saving and remaining cost effective, and these lights will last for 30000 hours in comparison to the <2000 hours guaranteed by incandescent light sources.

Both simple in appearance to suit the setting of student halls, while also being highly functional to suit the numerous uses that a vast range of students require, LED is the ideal choice of illumination for anyone studying higher education.