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News Flash: Lladro collaborate with Boca Do Lobo

Posted on April 20 2018

When it comes to porcelain creations, Lladro are at the top of the game. The brand's distinctive designs and master artisan craftsmanship have seen them become pioneers in the material, leading the industry into the future.

Lladro's lighting designs are just as distinctive as the porcelain ornaments that first brought the brand to reverence. Whether looking for traditional inspiration or contemporary creation, Lladro Lighting offer it all with a colourful personality that's impossible to misplace.

Much like Lladro Lighting, Boca Do Lobo wear their traditional influences on their sleeves with pride, bringing their classic inspirations to life with a contemporary craftsmanship and bold extravagance that remains unrivalled across the industry.

Each brand has their own unique selling points, and their own sense of personality, that make their designs successful. Recently the two powerhouses collaborated together to create something bolder and brighter than ever before.

"Two worlds, one lifestyle" the brands declared on the invite to their opening party at Milano Design Week 2018. Titled "a home decor installation by Jean Porsche," this collaboration looks set to bring to life a sense of character and illumination like never before.