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News Flash: Lladro Lighting showroom success

Posted on June 15 2016

Long famed for their iconic porcelain products, Lladro create designs with an unparalleled sense of character and personality. Last week the brand opened a new showroom in New York's D&D Building (Design & Decoration). Exhibiting the boldest and brightest designs, the brand celebrated the event with a gathering of designers, editors, and industry professionals.

The Showroom

With their most distinguished products on show, Lladro Lighting hosted an animated conversation about the revolution of porcelain. Bringing an added layer of warmth to lighting designs, the material acts as the foundation of the company's deep rooted expertise.

The Industry

Experts in the field Linda Okeeffe, Arianne Nardo, and Darrin Varden led the conversation. They focused on the history of the material in designs. The three also focused on the amazing possibilities it presents for contemporary interiors. In this continuously expanding and developing industry, the future is bright.

The Event

Followed by a DJ set and cocktail party, the night was a celebration of everything Lladro have achieved. Furthermore, the night celebrated everything they continue to strive for. New lighting proposals were proudly displayed and talked about. Some of these included the new Absolute Black chandelier and table lamps designed by Japanese artist Shimizu.

The Future

With all eyes geared forwards, Lladro Lighting are bringing classical designs and a traditional quality into the twenty-first century. Opening a new showroom and expanding their current market, the brand are showing just how bright the future can be.