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News Flash: Luxury Lighting hits London

Posted on April 23 2018

The Lighting Design Awards is one of the most prestigious events in the luxury lighting calendar. With the event itself a mere couple of weeks away, luxury lighting fever is already taking ahold of London, with a free talk hosted by the Institution of Lighting Professionals later this week. This event has been curated and hosted especially for students, interns, apprentices, and new entrants to the lighting profession. Looking at light from the perspectives of art and psychology, the event examines the very nature of luxury lighting design itself. This talk will examine our unconscious response to light from the point of view of depth psychology. Rather than the many studies of the mechanical responses of the brain which cover circadian rhythms and pineal glands, the event explores the responses of the unconscious: responses to light that trigger something of meaning, something buried within each of us yet discernible as a cultural archetype. Drawing on work from Picasso, Jung and other artists, scientists and philosophers, the host will demonstrate how our fear of darkness is formed and why it matters that this affects our world now. Delving into how light is seen and by artists, scientists, and philosophers, from Picasso to Jung, Plato to Nietzsche, Piranesi to Fritz Lang, William Blake to John Milton, Gaston Bachelard to Louis Kahn, Rothko to Turrell, and beyond, the talk also examines light's place in ever evolving contemporary culture, discussing how our engineered (and admittedly imperfect) view of light is far more fundamentally wrong than you may be happy to realise.