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News Flash: Marchetti behind the scenes

Posted on February 23 2017

For Marchetti Lighting, the connection between design and expert craftsmanship has always been paramount. The brand strive to ensure premium results, experimenting on a large scale and thinking of all possible aspects of a project - from the first sketch of an idea to the product maintenance after installation. Shining out to a public that knows exactly what it wants, the brand have shared a video offering insight into all the processes that bring their designs to life.

The Company 

Combining a professional approach with longstanding family values, over their 50+ year history Marchetti Lighting have distinguished themselves among their contemporaries. Offering a broad range of bespoke lighting for any environment, the brand's name has become synonymous with a unique quality.

Using the most modern materials with the same hand crafted ethos they have always used, Marchetti Lighting have developed a DNA structure for all working methods. Thanks to their great attention to finishing, they are able to complete almost any plated or painted finish inside their factory.

The Video

The video offers audiences insight into all stages of the processes that bring Marchetti Lighting's designs to life. From actualizing the designs, transforming ideas into real world sculptures, through the processing of materials and the electrification of the elements, past the production and testing, right up to being packed for shipment.

Incorporating footage of electroplating, painting, structuring, and finishing, the video shows the innate care taken in every step of Marchetti Lighting's production process.

The video was made as a demonstration of all the process Marchetti Lighting use to create their products. The company wanted people to be able to have a greater understanding of how the brand works. The reason behind is simple - Marchetti Lighting want to make their mission as explicit as possible.

The Mission

Lighting up ideas to let environments shine, Marchetti Lighting strive to move, innovate, and think of the future in a way that allows the company to use its resources in the best possible way. Imagination and passion are the wings that keep Marchetti Lighting flying high.

As their mission statement concludes, "only he who believes in his dreams can really fly."