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News Flash: Masiero to unveil new collection

Posted on March 31 2017

"There is a correspondence between the way a chandelier sheds its soft light and the melodic sound of a musical instrument," Masiero declared on their social networks. As they unveiled the theme of their latest collection, the brand have announced they will be showcasing a brand new set of products next month.

Masiero Lighting have always strived to distinguish themselves as "craftsmen of light". The brand's in-house and external designers study their ideas as they meet the skilled hands of over 40 professionals who care for each piece.

Each individual craftsman or craftswoman has a different role, which each of them have made their expertise. From the metal frame production, through components assembly and electrical testing, to painting and decorative finishing, each stage of production is conducted with the same passion that has driven Masiero to the forefront of the luxury lighting industry these past thirty years.

Every product that Masiero create is not only elegant and valuable, but also an absolutely exclusive work of art. The brand fully embrace the philosophy of the "tailoring of light" to create products that appear truly divine.

Over the years, Masiero has evolved with through the advent of new technologies and the use of new materials. More recent designs from the brand have incorporated the use of wood, methacrylate, or bassano ceramics.

For the next stage in their evolution, with new collection 'Sound', Masiero are keeping their cards held closely to their chest. But luckily, it doesn't look like anyone will be waiting long. Masiero will be showcasing their newest designs at Euroluce next month.